Mighty Power:

A presumed ancient power due to technology dating the Power coins being too old to accurately calculate, it is widely believed that the Mighty Power is older than creation itself.

Mighty Power grants the host heightened and accelerated physical and mental attributes while in their base form. The Mighty Power also grants the host the ability to transform or “morph” into a secondary form that acts as a type of exoskeleton, providing a higher level of resilience from physical, mental, sound, light, and gas damage. This Mighty Power “Exo” also provides a digital readout of the present environment via a HUD within the visor that visualizes distances, environment safety/danger levels, location, time, status.

The “Morphin'” Grid:

While morphed, Rangers can communicate with each other; only as long as they’re in morph form. While morphed, they’re able to locate each other akin to feeling someone’s physical presence. Titled “Grid” by Billie due to it only occurring when morphed.

Power Coins:

The presumed source of the Mighty Power.

When presented to a worthy Ranger, a ritual would be held to celebrate the chosen Ranger earning access to the power, causing an imprint to the very being of the host Ranger, not just to the DNA.

The Power coins were presented as badges by Mighty Power Rangers. Even if stolen, due to the imprinted connection, no other would be able to access any of the Mighty Power, not unless it was willingly relinquished by the host via ritual, even if the host died.


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