Alejandra Araceli


Fuego en la Medianoche



Place of Origin:



35 years old













Once, she accepted and loved humanity, but the human family she lived with were brutally murdered by Mexican Cartel members and the local authorities did nothing. She then decided that all humans are worthless and the so-called innocents are no better than those guilty of committing physical crimes.

She modified herself to be capable of offensive and defensive maneuvers; she has a long metal cord installed in her back wrapped in a circle and extends out of her left palm that lights on fire, also has a pathway through her right arm with gas and enables her to shoot fire from her right palm.

Took part in “La Medianoche” in a major role, the omnic that caused the most destruction and is most memorable by Mexican citizens during the First Omnic Crisis; gaining a large Omnic following and a top spot on the world’s governments’ watch lists. During the Second Omnic Crisis, Alejandra Araceli traveled to Russia with other Omnics to take part.

Look and Movement:

Has three dots on her head.

Left arm is purple and her right arm is red, due to her many alterations.

Modeled similar to Zenyatta in physical appearance, but stand upright with strong and imposing posture.

Walks slow, stands tall and proud; walks with conviction, with head held high looking down on her opponents and peers.

Has unique voice lines that interact with Sombra, Zarya, and Zenyatta.

Game (X1) Abilities:

LB – lays sheet/blanket that lasts for 6 seconds

LT – whips fire whip diagonally, blocking all projectiles in front of her

RB – covers self in fire for 10 seconds, unable to use RT ability during time; RT is instead a a punch

RT – throws fire projectiles that burn for 4 seconds and cannot be healed away

Y – braces self and projects a large and wide wall of fire that slowly moves forward


Vested suit, no jacket

Traditional Mexican mariachi outfit

Tucked white tshirt, khakis

Day of the Dead skin, “Fuego en la Medianoche” emblazoned on back in bright flames

Day of the Dead skin, ” La Calavera Catrina” aka “Dapper Skeleton” aka “Elegant Skin”



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