The Rangers were a peace-keeping, militaristic force; with five generals commanding their own color-specific squadrons; Red, Blue, Black, Yellow, Pink.

Green was the color of Zordon’s bodyguard.

The diamond pattern across the torso was only bestowed on the uniforms of the generals, as well as the unique weapons; i.e., axe, sword, lance, daggers, bow.

The Green Ranger had the extra gold shield for added protection in order to effectively protect Zordon at all times.

The mantle of “Mighty Power” was bestowed upon the most loyal, the most courageous, the most daring of Rangers; it is a right that is only relinquished at death.

Highly skilled in hand-to-hand combat and various forms of available martial arts and disarming techniques, as well as expert-level marksmanship, the Rangers are only armed with a blaster and their skills/training.

Each Ranger branch is broken up into the five various colors associated with the Mighty Power coins; i.e., Red, Yellow, Blue, Black, Pink.


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