Previously, a Blue Ranger who had the power and suit stripped form him, causing a whole body disfigurement and scarring. Zedd was the most prestigious of Ranger commanders, leading his squadrons to many victories time and time again. Zedd was a genius tactician with genius intellect to boot.

One one mission, in order to guarantee his own safety, Zedd ordered his entire squad to stay and fight; them serving as a distraction as he escaped. Dozens of Rangers perished that day, with others being irreparably wounded.

When placed on trial, Zedd showed no remorse stating that his life was greater than those that had died; that while their lives were indeed important, their is only one Zedd and a Ranger can always be replaced.

Zordon declared Zedd unworthy of the Mighty Power and Zedd was stripped of the power.

The removal of Mighty Power from Zedd is the first and last, the only, attempt to separate Ranger and Mighty Power. Zedd’s entire body was permanently scarred due to the removal and was imprisoned on another planet, forever a disgrace in Ranger history.

Zedd had been secretly experimenting with his Mighty Power coin, siphoning more power from his Blue Power coin into his body, which only caused the Mighty Power removal to become even harsher on his body and mind.



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