• Moniba Eneko
  • Hero name – Enenra


  • Low Visibility – has the ability to produce fog from her pores at varying speeds and density depending on her body’s hydration

physical appearance:

  • African-Japanese, dark skin tone
  • 5’3″, thick and wide, burly athletic build
  • large and tight, well-defined muscle tone
  • orange-red hair and fur
  • shoulder-length dreads
  • feline ears
  • pronounced canine teeth
  • 4ft long feline tail
  • light brown eyes during daytime, light green eyes during nighttime


  • superhuman senses, agility and flexibility, speed and reflexes, stamina and endurance, strength
  • increased vision at night and through fog
  • footfalls can be so silent as to be completely silent
  • fingernails can extend into razor sharp claws and can retract back into regular fingernails

personality and behavior:

  • assertive and rebellious
  • friendly and teasing
  • observant and curious
  • intimidating and calm under pressure
  • can lose control if overwhelmed and backed into a corner
  • physical and expressive with body language when communicating and interacting with others
  • eats and drinks as often and as much as she can; favorite foods are jerky meats and sushi
  • favorite Pro Hero is Rumi Usagiyama, aka Mirko
  • best friend is Mei Hatsume

fashion appearance:

loves black makeup; lipstick, eye shadow, eyeliner, nail polish

  • sleeveless tops, above-the-knee shorts, low-top athletic sneakers, and low cut socks
  • more exposed skin allows for more effective fog production

Hero suit:

  • red sleeveless, v-neck crop top
  • orange fingerless gloves with red knuckles
  • red shorts
  • no-show socks
  • orange low-top athletic sneakers, red laces and soles
  • black and thick kanji symbol for “mist” on chest top

U.A. school uniform:

  • standard regulation dress shirt; unbuttoned to chest, sleeveless
  • standard regulation shorts; refuses to wear a skirt
  • orange low cut socks
  • red low-top athletic sneakers, orange laces and soles

U.A. gym uniform:

  • standard regulation top; unzipped to chest, sleeveless
  • standard regulation bottoms; altered to be above-the-knee shorts
  • orange fingerless gloves with red knuckles
  • no-show socks
  • orange low-top sneakers, red laces and soles

casual clothing:

  • sleeveless v-neck tops
  • above-the-knee shorts
  • prefers clothing that shows more skin, enabling more effective fog production

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