Spider-bite (Peter Parker of Marvel Universe 940)


  • suit is all white, eyes are white
  • shoulders and head are a separate color like 616 Kaine Parker’s Scarlet Spider suit, but is red
  • fingers and soles are red
  • wears a sleeveless hoodie that’s black with a white 616 Future Foundation Spider-Man symbol on the front


  • Doctor Octopus – Aunt May
  • Kingpin – Norman Osborn and Wilson Fisk
  • Bullseye “The Devil Marksman” – Matthew Murdock, “The Attorney Without Fear”
  • Shock and Awe – Electro, Mysterio, Chameleon, The Tinkerer



  • Aunt May, Uncle Ben, and Otto Octavius are longtime friends
  • Aunt May, Uncle Ben, and Peter Parker are attending a presentation of Otto’s when a nearby crime happens and Peter disappears to do his part as New York’s newest vigilante. the fight crashes into the presentation and people begin to flee because of the collateral damage. May and Ben rush to the aid of Otto, who is trapped under some debris, when an explosion happens, killing both Otto and Ben; May sustains minor injuries.
  • overcome with grief, May retreats within herself and begins to openly blame Spider-bite for the deaths of Ben and Otto. Peter doesn’t blame Spider-bite and this difference in opinion causes increased tension and distance between him and his Aunt May
  • Otto Octavius’ projects were appropriately funded by Norman Osborn. Norman Osborn and Wilson Fisk together hold the title of “Kingpin” and are an indomitable force within the criminal world. no one knows Kingpin’s identity and no one has seen the face of Kingpin, choosing to operate with a voice modulator¬† and a darkened figure, when a screen is necessary, to issue out orders and/or threats
  • Kingpin, aware of May’s hate for Spider-bite and knowledge of Otto’s tech, offers her the means to dispense her own justice against the young vigilante. May accepts Kingpin’s offer and uses the late Otto’s mechanical “Vitruvian Arms’s”, meant to assist those in lab and medical settings to take down Spider-bite. the public calls her “Doctor Octopus”, the name J. Jonah Jameson, the host of the popular MY NY 4 U radio show, came up for her

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